San Francisco State University


San Francisco State University has a long history, dating back to 1899 when it was the San Francisco State Normal School. This was a two-year teacher training college and it was the first normal school in the nation that required a high school diploma in order to admit students.

San Francisco State University LOGO

Today, San Francisco State University offers bachelor’s degrees in over 70 academic areas and Master’s degree in over 60 academic areas. It is also possible for students to receive a doctorate of education in educational leadership as well as a PhD in education. There are also 17 credential programs and 35 certificate programs offered throughout the curriculum at the University.

Extended learning is also available. This allows many students to enroll in over 30 different career relevant developmental programs that can be taken online. As online courses have become more popular, San Francisco State University has become more popular as well. In fall of 2011, enrollment for undergraduate and graduate programs totaled over 29,000 students.

In 1968, the university experienced a significant amount of press because of a student strike that is considered to be the longest in the nation. The strike led to the establishment of the College of Ethnic Studies, which has allowed corresponded with an increase in ethnically diverse students of color.

The main campus in San Francisco sits on over 140 acres and is home to a wide range of students. There is on-campus housing, a variety of sports with the team mascot being the Gator, and many student programs that allow students to socialize and explore academics in a new light.

SFSU has produced several MLB players including Red Sox outfielder Tommy Harper and Mets shortstop Bud Harrelson. The Gators have also helped 13 National Football League players go on to have exciting professional careers. T, although the school’s football program ended in 1995, but w.  Wrestling remains the most successful sport in the school’s history; . Ssince 1964, the Gators have scored at a Division II National Championship meet every year.

San Francisco State University is known for being a leader in liberal arts education as well as international education. The University also partners with the state government, educational leaders, and local businesses to ensure that each and every student receives a solid education.

Best Local Eats
1) Campus Food Trucks – the SFSU Campus Food Trucks are a fast, cheap, healthy, and delicious.  And most of the students have already figured that out!
2) Village Market & Pizza – eat the best pizza on campus right here!

Best Local Date Ideas
1) The Pub At SFSU –Go to classes, get out and have a cold beer.  You deserve it.
2)  Rack-N-Cue – what’s more fun than spending an afternoon playing games with your crew? In addition to pool, the Rack-N-Cue has over 20 awesome arcade games.
3) The Pool in the Gymnasium – if you studied at SFSU then you surely went for a dip at the Gymnasium pool. Highly recommended for the hot summer days.

Student Population
Female Student Population: 57% (2013)
Male Student Population:  43% (2013)
International Students: 6% (2013)
Percent of Freshman Living in University Housing: 45%  (2013)
Undergraduates: 23,819 (2013)
Postgraduates: 3,696 (2013)
Undergraduate Men in Fraternities: 1%
Undergraduate Women in Sororities: 1%
Student to Faculty Ratio: 25

Acceptance Rate: 65%
Average High School GPA: 3.14
Regular Application Deadline: 11/30
In-State Tuition: $6,938
Out-of-State Tuition: $18,098

Number of Varsity Teams: 11
Sports Conference: NCAA II
Mascot: Gators

Five most popular majors (2011)
Business Administration, Management and Operations – 21%
Psychology, General – 7%
Communication and Media Studies – 4%
English Language and Literature – 4%
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities – 4%

Notable Professors (past or present):
Paul Hoover – poet
Roland De wolk – journalist

Notable Alumni
Charles Prior Hall – inventor of the waterbed
Cyrus Saatsaz – owner of San Francisco Surf Company
David Carradine – actor
Dina Eastwood – Clint Eastwood’s wife
Rob Schneider – comedic actor
Anne Rice – poet
Kirk Hammet – Metallica lead guitarist
Yvone Cagle – NASA astronaut

Endowment: $51,2 million (2013)
Established: 1899
Institution Type: Public
Address: 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132
Phone: (415) 338-1111