Dating at USC

The University of Southern California is a huge private university that is not especially well known for any particular discipline. This means that, as with UCLA, there is a broad diversity of personality types that choose to attend USC for their college education. This includes students from all over the world and with a huge number of different backgrounds that choose to attend USC. No matter what your interests or what you find attractive, there are likely many other women/men attending USC that you will find extremely attractive.

Given its size, USC has many different activities to offer. USC is well known for larger than life sports, as well as a large Greek system of fraternities and sororities.

Sports-driven schools to tend to disproportionately attract students who really love to take part in school spirit activities and USC is no exception. This means that if you really want to attract a girl/guy at USC, it is advisable to keep up with the latest school sports team news. USC girls/guys often want to attend the home football games and go out for a night on the town after the game.

Greek life is also very popular among USC students, so being involved in a fraternity/sorority is a great way to meet USC girls/guys, since different fraternities and sororities tend to throw parties together on weekends. You may find that rushing with a popular fraternity/sorority is a great way to make a name for yourself with the opposite sex.

Many claim that USC has one of the most attractive student bodies in the nation. It is hard to argue that the USC student body isn’t more attractive than the average student body in the U.S.  To some degree, the attractiveness of the student body is self perpetuating as attractive high school students want to attend college with other attractive students. As a result, physical fitness and taking care in your appearance can be important to attracting other USC girls/guys. There are a lot of good looking girls/guys on campus and you want to ensure that you stand out from the crowd — or, at the very least, that you don’t stand out in a bad way. Getting in shape and learning about the latest in clothing trends is a great way to make yourself more attractive to other students.

However, this does not mean that you have to have move star good looks to get a date at USC. Rather, you need to take care in your physical appearance and what you wear. Trendy clothing, a good hair cut and a fit physique are part and parcel to attracting your dream girl or guy at the University of Southern California. The dating scene at USC also tends to be a bit more casual than it is at other universities, in that USC students often want to date a number of other students and are typically not as ready for a serious relationship as they might be at other universities. Keep this in mind when choosing someone to date.  If dating multiple people isn’t for you, you will want to ensure that you find someone else that is also looking for exclusivity..

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